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Moving to year three.

My class is year 3E. I have lots of friend's, there names are Charlie, Javier and Aidan. My best friend is named Vasodev. He's not here right now but he will in one month time.
Here's the sign of nexus.

You can search some images on Google Images Nexus International School Putrajaya.
My first topic was Living Together and the topic we're doing now is dinosaurs.

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Fun things I did on thursday.

First of all I went on a train to the museum in the KL it was fun.
Secondly we went to a craft complex and you have to stibble.
I painted for my background and stibbled for the inside.
Thirdly I went home to get ready to watch Turbo.
Fourthly I went to the cinema with my brother, my mum and me.
When I got inside there were few people.
The movie was in 2d.
Fifthly I went to the food court for food then I went home.

The end.

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Respect the world!
Respect other people!
Respect the things around you!

Things you shouldn't do.
Litter  stuff on the the floor.
Stare at other people.
Cut down trees.
Say the rude words.

Things you should do.
Mind your own business.
Make your self useful.
Litter in the bin.

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Yamaha music school

I go to Yamaha music school every Friday.
I've finished primary1,primary2,primary3,primary4 and now I am on repertoire1 and  solfege and ensemble1.
The songs I can remember to play are the dove,gypsy dance and lavenders blue.
I already now let's go on an expedition.
I can only remember the songs from primary4.
My Yamaha music school is in bangsar village and bangsar village is near where I live.
The place is called Yamaha music school because they sing,they play the piano,the trumpet and all sorts of  instruments.
I practise my songs every day and it is important to learn because if you don't learn then you wouldn't get your exam right.

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How to make a jam sandwich

Welcome back to kojo molojo's blog. 
What you'll need:
A knife
A tray
A plate
  1. Take the tray and put it on the table.
  2. Take the bread and put it on the tray.
  3. Take the butter and spread it on the bread.
  4. Take the jam and spread it on the bread.
  5. Take an other peace of bread and put it on top of the jam and butter.
  6. Cut the sandwich into half's or quarter's.
  7. Wash up.
  8. Enjoy the sandwich and hope it's tasty.
  9. I've been doing this at school and it is very tasty.
  10. I've been doing this for more than one time any way enjoy the sandwich.


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