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Zombie Invasion

Zombie Invasion

Once upon a time there was a boy named Kojo. Kojo took the knight bus to a house everyday where he met his friends. Kojo woke up, got ready and went outside to the knight bus. He went inside and it drove of. It was a red bus with a puppet face hanging from some string that could talk. Suddenly two blue buses turned from a corner and was about to crash into the knight bus. Then all of a sudden the knight bus turned very thin and the two buses drove past without crashing into the knight bus. Then they arrived at the house. It was hard to see the door because it blended in with the black walls around. Kojo was used to this and found the door very easily. He met his friend Harry and they walked up a black staircase. Then their was a loud 'brainz' and Kojo and Harry new exactly what was happening. They ran downstairs and everybody was calm. The zombies couldn't get through the door because it was sealed and locked. There were guards waiting next to the door so if the zombies managed to get in they would kill them. There were traps being put in places for the zombies. Then suddenly the zombies came in there were the sounds of bullets hitting the zombies and loud chomping sound as the zombies ate the people and guards. Harry and Kojo ran upstairs and went inside a high cupboard. Then the screaming and chomping stopped everybody was dead and the zombies were coming up the stairs. Harry and Kojo went extremely quiet.

To Be Continued......

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