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The Forest Farm

The Forest Farm
My trip to the farm was EPIC (unexpected)! Why? I'll tell you why.
We were visiting Malaysia when my daddy told me we were going to a farm. BOOOOOOORING!
I've been to farms a zillion times already, plus it was a 3 hour drive to get there. In the car... actually, let's skip the journey.
When we arrived, at an unexpected restaurant and pick up station, we got some Milo. After that very small cardboard box of chocolate, we waited for some guy to come take us to the farm. I pretended to play Team Fortress 2 in real life. Anyway, when the guy finally came, like half an hour later, we jumped into a car (yes, we got picked up in a car) and met the guy (he will be named 'the guy' until i remember his name, my apologies). We drove on the road for a while and then turned to a big rocky hill where the farm was. Ouch. It was funny, annoying and painful. The funny part: the bumping, the annoying part: Aoife, my baby sister, was screaming the whole way and the painful part: the bumping.
When we finally arrived at the farm I jumped out and then jumped back in. Dogs. If you didn't know I'm scared of dogs. Not terrified, I mean, only some dogs or sometimes I'm scared. (I did get bitten by one but you'll find out more about that later.) I eventually did come out and walked into the house and into my bedroom which I had no idea was going to be mine and Fynn's bedroom. I went outside and saw a river. I asked the guy if I could swim in there and if the water was drinkable and he said yes. The water tasted so good and the water was freezing which is amazing because whenever I was out of the water my skin burned and when I was in the water, brr! After that we had dinner and went to bed.
The next morning I woke up and went to the river to wash myself since there was no water in the bathroom. Literally no water! Not in the shower and not in the sink. The toilet worked but the guy said if we wanted to pee it would be best to do it on the plants because the urine helped the plant grow and get rid of it's diseases. After I got dressed and had my breakfast, which was some sort of oatmeal, and did... stuff.
After the guy woke up he took me to feed the pigs and to collect eggs and other stuff. 
After we had dinner, which was spaghetti (To bad Fynn was fast asleep!), the guy asked me to help me make my Daddy's cake. Well, it was more of a pudding in the end but it was fine. The cake included: Vanilla (not the ice cream), banana, biscuits, cinnamon, cranberries, cream, some other liquids I can't remember and for the title which said HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS chocolate and honey. The guy left the pudding out so it would go half solid and started making bread. I was tired so I went to sleep in the middle of the bread making.
The next morning we left. I have nothing else to say.

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Unknown said...

Can't wait to hear what comes next Kojo!! Great so far and so well written! 😜 x

Kojo Bailey said...


Kojo Bailey said...

And... finished!

Unknown said...

Great story, sounds like a fun filled trip! How was the cake?? 😀

Unknown said...

Great storytelling skills Kojo

ChickenGal said...

Are you dead?

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